Data Analysis I: Intro to R

SE350 Team

Why R?

  • Used by a growing number of organizations, to include Google, Facebook, NY Times, Wallstreet, etc.
  • Used by many graduate schools
  • It's Free
  • Contributed Packages number in the thousands and are growing
  • Great Visualizations
  • Can reach out and touch the web

Companies that use R

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R Basics

  • Base R
  • RStudio (R's “frontend”)
  • Scripting Language
  • Constrained by memory
  • Use of Console
  • Opening and Using *.R File

Working Directory

  • R is always pointing to a directory (or a folder) on your computer
  • R will always read, write, and save stuff directly to this directory (unless you specify a full path name)
  • To see the working directory, type
[1] "C:/Users/david.beskow/Google Drive/DataAnalysisLessons"
  • To set the working directory, go to Session, or type
setwd("full path name to your folder")

Global Environment