Data Science CEP


The last quarter century has seen the enormous growth and adoption of information systems into every facet of life. The marginal productivity gains realized by today’s systems are becoming smaller and smaller. Part of the reason is that these systems produce enormous amounts of data; far too much to be ingested and understood by simple intuition and legacy tools. In the wake of this problem the new and emerging field of data science has developed out of a set of core disciplines: computer science, applied mathematics (statistics) and database engineering. The past few years have seen an explosion in new technologies that are focused on the aggregation and knowledge generation from large amounts of data. The result of early collaborative efforts between academia, industry and governments is a suite of powerful, open- source, tools that enable these three disciplines to be practiced by a single individual. Today, more than ever, the ability to aggregate, synthesize and present complex data is within the grasp of mainstream analysts. The Army’s ORSA community is in a unique position to leverage this emerging field to re-invent how analysis can influence all facets of the institution.

Part of the purpose of conducting this CEP is to establish an expectation for producing high quality data science products within the ORSA community. There is hope for a follow on multi-day session in developing and deploying interactive analytics for the end user or client.