SE350 contains five lessons on data analysis.  Starting in 2014, these five lessons will use the R Programming Language.  Attached below is the reading for these lessons

Lesson 1: Intro to R     (Birth Data)

Lesson 2: Data Exploration and Visualization  (Field Goal Data)

Lesson 3: Simple Linear Regression (Car Data & NFL Data)

Lesson 4: Multi-Variate Regression

Monte Carlo Simulation I


R Cheatsheet


Note: Use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari to open presentations

Lesson 1 Presentation

Lessone 2 Presentation

Lesson 3 Presentation

Lesson 4 Presentation


SE370 contains five new lessons in which we introduce geospatial analysis in R.  Below are links to the reading for these lessons:

Lesson1: Introduction to Geospatial Analysis in R    (Crime Data)

Lesson 2: Shapefiles and Choropleth Plots

Lesson 3: Contour Maps and Plots over Polygons

Lesson 4: Exporting Spatial Data to a KML File


The below classes were prepared for the FA49 Data Science Continuing Education Program:

2015 CEP       Tutorial                   Presentation

2016 CEP       Tutorial                   Presentation